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England 1461. Jack de Laverton is no stranger to trouble. It has dogged his existence from his illegitimate birth to the baggage cart he finds himself in on the eve of the battle of Towton. Marked out by his wild black hair and the golden earring that symbolises the origins of his birth, Jack makes enemies as well as friends. A single act of courage brings him to the attention of the Earl of Warwick and to the heart of the Yorkist cause and that is when Jack’s problems really begin.


Betrayed by a man he does not recognize, Jack must leave the earl’s company in order to prove his innocence, loyalty and honour. But his troubles only deepen as he encounters a greater enemy still: the ruthless and sadistic Sir Robert Hasard, the man in possession of the thing Jack desires most: his father’s black sword. Sworn to return the sword to its rightful place above his father’s tomb, Jack knows this is his greatest challenge, not only because he is not welcome at Laverton Grange, but because the Lancastrian Sir Robert Hasard is in favour at the Scottish Court and is betrothed to the woman Jack has set his heart on; a woman with her own secrets to keep, secrets which test Jack’s loyalty to the limit.


As Sir Robert Hasard brings his influence to bear Jack must somehow reconcile his love, his honour and his duty if he is to save the Yorkist cause from a terrible disaster that would see the crown of England returned swiftly to Lancastrian hands.


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30 Nov 2011, 08:01