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A Rose of England

Launched Palm Sunday 2013.

1470. Elizabeth Hardacre has learned that a woman can be many things: lover, confidante, traitor, and spy.

The death of her father whilst a prisoner turns Elizabeth from the Earl of Warwick’s truest friend to his deadliest enemy; for would he ever believe her capable of turning towards the House of York in the hour of his greatest need? Convinced that she must be reconciled with her family no matter what the consequences, and with Edward’s spymaster for company, Elizabeth embarks upon a journey that will test both her courage and her heart.

When her closest secret is betrayed to Warwick and an old adversary offers her his help, Elizabeth does not know whom to trust. Can she forgive her enemy’s deception, as he has apparently forgiven her? And can she believe the secret he reveals?

Her only alternative is to stay with the hateful spymaster and hope for a swift return to England, even though that will bring an encounter she dreads.

Drawn ever deeper into intrigue, Elizabeth must hide both her identity and her loyalties to survive as she realizes that her feelings are more complicated than she would ever have believed.

From the soldiers’ towns of northern France, through exile in Bruges, to the battlefields of England, Elizabeth strives to do what she believes is right, though her actions only seem to wound the people she has come to care for. As the battle for England rages, Elizabeth must reconcile the choices she has made and learn what it is to forgive and to be forgiven.




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